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It’s Kamran here. That’s me on the photo riiiiight here ——>

After some years of extremely challenging life experiences (you’ll be able to read about them on the blog, hopefully), I came to a very weird conclusion: We are living in a very strange times where everything evolves so fast that, it is getting harder and harder to navigate through our ordinary lives. We constantly experience information overload, and with that comes a confusion on about our positions in this vast universe. From mental point of view, our brains are starting to become a battleground between various ideas and ideologies, and without a proper control over our minds, it is getting almost impossible to keep our thoughts, life positions and values (whatever it means) actual. Long story short here:
Information we absorb effects our life and its quality in one or another way. And there is a huge risk of the negative effect, especially, when we don’t analyze the information we are getting from the outside world – after all, abundance of information is not always a good thing, especially when it is being produced by countless number of people with different life experiences and worldviews.

My research of an effective way to manage the information inflow brought me to a profound discovery – our minds are most important (and most sophisticated) tool we have as a human being, and we can train it (or sharpen it/ build it up) for a happier, healthier and more effective life. And a strong trained mind is a force of  unimaginable power and potential to shape the reality of its owner in any desired form. Therefore, in this blog, I’m sharing the learnings I brought up from my own experiences. Hope you guys will enjoy it!

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