[PODCAST #9] Capitalism & Free Market

Had an extremely interesting talk with my friend – Agharza Malikov, who is working at one of the oldest and biggest Wall Street banks of the United States. He is looking after the Capital Planning, which makes him an ideal source of wisdom to cover such wide and diverse topics of Capitalism and Free Market.

In this episode, we discussed how capitalism works, what are its main pillars, China’s fascinating economic growth, dangers of capitalism and many more interesting topics. Last but not least, Agha shared his suggestions with our listeners who want to learn more about capitalism and better navigate through this economic system.





[PODCAST #8] Anatomy of Motivation & Authoring

Today’s guest is Josh Karimov – author of books Kvan, Ubuntu and Alamo13 and working on his fourth book. Josh is also a motivation master and communication coach. When he is not busy with his books, he is training executives and business people on effective speech, presentation and communication. In this episode, Josh shared his story on stopping his career in one of the most reputable companies around and choosing a path of creativity – writing to be more precise. He also shared quite a lot insights about the anatomy of motivation, how it works and how you can use it to build up a great and productive habits. We also extensively discussed writing and authoring topic.

To find Josh on Social Media and get in touch, search for his name:
Joshgun Karimov, or his campaign hashtags:




[PODCAST #7] Artificial Intelligence & Robotics w/ Elmar Abbasov

In this episode of the MindForce Podcast, together with Elmar Abbasov, we talked about technology, artificial intelligence, robotics, and shared a couple of words about Estonia and government’s push for technology there.

Elmar is a robotics engineer based in Estonia, and has an extensive experience with electronic and robotics engineering, and working at one of the leading robotics companies of Estonia that delivers a wide range of autonomous robots and vehicles to corporate, governments, military and public sphere.

Check the podcast out:




[BLOGPOST] Travel more

Researchers have recently discovered that new genes in the central nervous system turn themselves on when an organism is placed (or places itself) in a new situation. These genes code for new proteins. These proteins are the building blocks for new structures in the brain. This means that a lot of you is still nascent, in the most physical of senses, and will not be called forth by stasis. You have to say something, go somewhere and do things to get turned on. And, if not, you remain incomplete, and life is too hard for anyone incomplete. (Dr Jordan B Peterson – 12 Rules For Life)

Although this statement is not directly related to traveling, I’m deeply convinced that traveling to new places is a great stimuli for your mind and brain. You explore new people, new locations, new cultures. When you explore boldly, when you voluntarily confront the unknown, you gather information and build your renewed self out of that information.

Take your time, travel to new places, see the world. Grow bigger and better, become a better version of yourself.

[PODCAST #6] Information Overload

Imagine a person who start his day with a huge piece of cake, continues his day by constantly eating stuff during his job, and ends his day with equally unhealthy food. 14-16 hours a day, non-stop eating. How unhealthy it is, right?

Despite the fact that we don’t really live like that, we still feed our brain with countless crap throughout the day, and fail to see its negative impact on our cognitive abilities, ability of concentration and overall stamina.

In this episode, I talked about information overload, and how I overcome it.