[PODCAST] Execution First Mentality

The ability to execute is more valuable than education or talent, because it is far rarer. When you are looking for a job, your education and success story in previous experiences might be the main thing that would get you in. But this is not enough and by no means it does guarantee your further success. What is mainly important is responsible execution, or “Execution First Mentality”. Check this episode to learn more about it and see how you can implement it in your daily personal and professional life.

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[PODCAST #8] Anatomy of Motivation & Authoring

Today’s guest is Josh Karimov – author of books Kvan, Ubuntu and Alamo13 and working on his fourth book. Josh is also a motivation master and communication coach. When he is not busy with his books, he is training executives and business people on effective speech, presentation and communication. In this episode, Josh shared his story on stopping his career in one of the most reputable companies around and choosing a path of creativity – writing to be more precise. He also shared quite a lot insights about the anatomy of motivation, how it works and how you can use it to build up a great and productive habits. We also extensively discussed writing and authoring topic.

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