[PODCAST] 70 Countries Later w/ Meghan Warner

Meghan and I traveled together excessively for one year, and worked together to help entrepreneurs to grow their businesses in the Middle East and North Africa. She is now a Portfolio Strategist at Unicef and continues to discover and fund entrepreneurs in the emerging markets who aim to solve significant problems in their societies.

Although Meg’s background is quite fascinating, main topic of this podcast is not business. She traveled to 70 countries in around 10 years period, always being on the road (or on the planes rather), and living out of her suitcase. And as you can imagine, roaming in 70 countries comes with its great and inspiring stories. In this episode, Meghan talks about how active traveling changed her perspectives and impacted her life. She also shared some of the extremely hilarious situations that happened to her during her nomad life.

Tbh, I cannot remember when I laughed that much during my interviews last time. So tune in to hear about what does it mean to be traveled to 35% of the whole world, and how it can impact your life 🙂

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[PODCAST] Life in Eastern Europe and Central Asia w/ Agahuseyn Ahmadov

Agahuseyn (a.k.a AG) is a tech nomad living and working in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia, where he travels across 10+ countries ongoing basis to work with local entrepreneurs. In this episode he shared his experience about these two regions and how does living there feel like. AG also specifically mentioned night life and how it can be a good indicator of each nation’s mentality, and softly touched based upon the weird experiences he had – such as extremely weird taxi system of Moldova, and drunk and high Russian gangster coming after him on his birthday.

Enjoy the podcast, and don’t forget to subscribe to it on Apple Podcasts/ iTunes and Google Podcasts.


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[PODCAST] Tech Nomad Life w/ Omar Barakat

In this episode, we are talking about tech nomad lifestyle, how it changes one’s perception and what kind of value it brings to a person’s life. My guest – Omar Barakat is a true tech nomad and traveled to 19 countries in 2018. We discussed very interesting topics in this one – travel, the Middle East and North Africa, business, entrepreneurship, fun stories and many more.

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[BLOGPOST] Travel more

Researchers have recently discovered that new genes in the central nervous system turn themselves on when an organism is placed (or places itself) in a new situation. These genes code for new proteins. These proteins are the building blocks for new structures in the brain. This means that a lot of you is still nascent, in the most physical of senses, and will not be called forth by stasis. You have to say something, go somewhere and do things to get turned on. And, if not, you remain incomplete, and life is too hard for anyone incomplete. (Dr Jordan B Peterson – 12 Rules For Life)

Although this statement is not directly related to traveling, I’m deeply convinced that traveling to new places is a great stimuli for your mind and brain. You explore new people, new locations, new cultures. When you explore boldly, when you voluntarily confront the unknown, you gather information and build your renewed self out of that information.

Take your time, travel to new places, see the world. Grow bigger and better, become a better version of yourself.